Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quiet end to the week...

The rains have kept us all hopping over puddles and ducking for cover now for a few days; it did not stop us from taking in the Quilt Week shows, exhibits and shopping opportunities. Yesterday after finishing up our final swing through the quilt show we decided to head out into the country to another quilt show -- ok, you can stop laughing... Marian, KY was holding their local shows and also a self guided tour through the Amish community there.

We had a blast driving over rolling hills stopping in for a greenhouse hop here, baked goods and jams there and of course quilts. Hope you are finding time where every you are today to enjoy the day and it is filled with joyful enterprise, even if like me that means resting up a bit and giving my umbrella some time to dry out.

enjoy the pictures....
yesterday's romp made it possible
to get a yummy start to today

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