Friday, May 3, 2013

Observation & Art: the better to see you

May is that special month that ushers in springtime
(hopefully in full swing…though snow is falling in places today as I write this).
It was named for its patron, the Greek goddess of spring, Maia.

It is a month where everyone comes out of sleepy-time and holidays,
outdoor venturing, and celebrations abound.
May is THE perfect month to work on our powers of seeing and observation.

It does not matter how we create in the world. Seeing and noting what you see is key to being a creative person.

To get you rolling, I would suggest a walk... carry a notebook or a camera
and take note of what's going on around you.

Almost any book on designing or drawing has exercises and enticements to help us see.
Some books in my own library include:
DESIGN! (Steven Aimone); ASPIRE (Valerie Colston);
Learning By Heart (Corita Kent); Creative Artist (Nita Leland).

I'm off too -- off to explore, see and be inspired.
Hope you join in!



  1. I have wondered by and your quilting is amazing. I love the observation as well, the colours are great so soft. I have also done quilting, but put it aside for the moment. Want to start making little blocks about 3 or 4 inches square.
    With love Pumpy aka Pam Knowles

  2. thanks for wandering by Pam - I'll be wandering by your blog today, too! the fun thing about quilting is that it can be broken down into manageable bits of to-dos. I found it quite addictive - lol, guess you can tell that, thought. great to hear from you!