Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Observation - A Month of LOOKING

There are some books that are very special to us.
They have worn pages from being pulled off the shelf and read over & over.

For me, one of these favored books is Learning By Heart --
for it contains the words,
teaching and general wisdom sharing from Corita Kent
- nun, and famed 60's art teach at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles.

She taught many, and shared through her many works the art of living. This book begins with a chapter on LOOKING, and talking about this seemed a great thing to share as we wind down our month of observation.

The LOOKING chapter begins with words from Corita --
"We don't understand the fullness of everything, of anything. Things constantly change and we may have seen and object only five minutes ago and thought we knew it-but now it is very different."

The chapter continues to give assignments to 'develop our seeing muscles' --
to capture what we see, when we see it --
in a 'sense diary'.

Stopping this month to pay attention -- 

to engage and see things anew has been powerful for me, and I plan to continue this process.

How 'bout you?


  1. Oh my gosh I know of Corita Kent. I have a signed print of hers hanging in my bed room. " The best is yet to be" with some airy tulips. She did a beautiful mural on the wall of the high school I went to in LaGrange IL so when I saw the print I had to have it!

    1. I loved discovering her...totally by accident during a wander through the LACMA book shop...oh, lucky day!

  2. And you would be so proud of me Rose. There is a patio I walk across everyday into work. It's a circle of concrete with a border of textured concrete. For the first time (ok, maybe you won't be so proud if I tell you how many years I have walking across this patio) but I noticed that the textured concrete has some subtle blue and green glass pieces added in. I had never noticed! But we had a little rain and they were glistening.

    1. so proud -- it's pretty exciting these small wonderful discoveries

  3. Oh, that Rose.....she has so many wonderful ideas for us to delve into! Thanks for sharing so much, Rose....

  4. I've always loved her work. My aunt had several pieces of hers.

    1. there was a woman in Quilts on the Wall that had attended the college when Corita taught there --- lucky, lucky, lucky - your aunt must be pretty smart Val.