Thursday, May 23, 2013

Observation - What the heart sees.

This quote seemed perfect example of continuing ideas on observing.

I have been off on the west coast for the past week enjoying the company of friends and

colleagues at the spring #quiltmarket. It is a place of wonder where the world of fabrics, fibers & stitching all meet up to prance about a bit.

It was a blast and I hope to share some photos later this week of some of my own finds --

But, being there was the perfect place to note how many practice how to:
Observe ordinary, everyday things &
Elevate them to the special

The things we select,
how we see them &  how our hearts make those things special to our eyes...
this is where creativity may spark.

Give it a try!
and, please share a thing or two that became special for you.

Happiest of Thursdays,
Filler' Up & Elevate!


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