Sunday, May 5, 2013

Become a better observer

Observation is more; oh, so much more than merely looking at something, and
it important lesson for a artist one to learn and practice. By paying attention to what is going on, one gains invaluable informaiton and inspiration that may be used creatively.

Observation enables the artist to recreate the world -
or the scientist to 'see' how natures works; and uses it to create a miraculous cure
the business person to develop the perfect product at just the right time
.... you can see where this is going.

BUT, becoming a better observer one has to give yourself permission to linger -
even if only a moment or two.

For a first step in improving our powers of observation -
start simply.

In that extra moment,,,,
notice as much as you are able, from the commonplace to the unusualdriving or walking, absorb as much detail as possible, noting road signs, grass, birds and anything else that you happen uponwhen talking with someone, try to remember their appearance, the way they speak and details of their dress of behavior.

Just take it all in.
Enjoy 'seeing' something new.



  1. I love the word "linger"! I remember reading a field guide to architecture and all of a sudden having names for details on buildings, from eyebrow dormers to clipped gables. I noticed much more on my walks. My eyes lingered on rooflines, porches and trim.

  2. thanks for commenting Margaret - lingering is wonderful and something we so often don't give ourselves a chance to do. you sound much like me, for I love learning new things and having a chance to find them in the 'wild' so to speak. enjoy!