Monday, April 22, 2013

Color - What color says healthy?

I tried to tempt you with a couple of TRY it# ideas yesterday;
a mission to pay close attention to color.

I thought I was headed to the grocery store, but ended up taking full advantage of an amazingly sunny day and headed to Giant City State Park in IL. Got a call from family wanted to know if meeting up there was a possibility -- and happily it was.

It was a great day to pay attention once again to I did.
BUT, shopping was still on the to-do list, so off I went this morning.

What color do you think of when I say 'healthy'?

This came to mind as I picked up a bit of yellow, orange, red and a bit of red-violet from the produce department -- green, too of course -- several shades; then in the dairy aisle there were a considerable array of shades of yellow-orange to orange found amongst the cheese.
After the produce section though most of the color is found in the packaging.

As I picked up my soy milk -- wrapped in blue & white.
Greek Yoghurt in green & white...
Crackers in brown & white.
A brief glance down the soda & candy aisle one will find lots of color happening - enticing.....

Colors have an impact on human moods,thoughts, emotions and even buying choices it seems.

More on that later this week.
But again, what color would you call healthy?


  1. Hi, Rose,
    I am still on the previous question: what colors do I like? dislike? Mostly, I have noticed I prefer bold colors to pastels and I really don't like certain color combinations, eg. a powder blue with purple. In terms of healthy colors, green!

  2. Clearly green, purple, red, orange and yellow say healthy to me.