Friday, April 5, 2013

Color - 2 Ideas to kickstart Color Discovery Fun!

Color is one of those topics that keep us all chattering for hours & hours, days upon days...
but, it is because the topic of color is sooooo BIG, that it can feel a bit intimidating.

We could study color theory through the mounds of books written on the topic or we can just dive in.
Remember I mentioned soaking up color....? Being open to seeing it?

IDEA #1 - Start & keep a color book.

Discovery made fun. In my first color book I  gathered up all sorts of examples of color, tried to see it purposefully, possibly for the first time, and decided for myself what made it work or not for me. I chose at the time to take one color at a time and set about seeing it - noting where it showed up - finding quotes or poems about it (ok, I am a bit of a wordie) - writing about it.

I sat on a plane-heading to attend a SAQA conference in Santa Fe - and chose ORANGE...
and the flood gate was opened. Below are pages from this, now overstuffed-page worned, sketchbook.

IDEA #2 - Is it love?

Get started filling your own color book -
on page one - write down the color you like most & the color you like least
Now, go off and find 2 photos where these colors occur. (these colors do not have to appear together, and you can choose photos of other artists use of the color, or where it appears in nature - be open to seeing it!)
Once you have found these, paste them into your book.
Now, answer these two questions about each of your photos.
Do you like the picture?
and, why?

and, you're off!!!

I will be sharing more ideas on how to soak up some color and fill up some more pages of that color book you've just started. You won't be disappointed -- the book is a great tool and resource going forward.

Meanwhile - I would love to hear about what colors you love & hate.
When I began my own book -- I loved blue - hate, hate, hated purple.

Happy Discovering!


  1. Oh Rose such inspiration! I need so much more time to play!

  2. a little bit here and a little bit there add's one of the things I love about being an artist