Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Color Discovery - A forever thing

Color is something that seeps into our souls
and seeps into our art in just the same way.

Of course there is a science of color, for the mere fact that we see color is in fact based in physical science.

There is only color, when there is light.
and, believe it or not but Sir Isaac Newton first studied light refraction and color in the late 1600s.
He is credited for our first color wheel after his experiments of light refracting through prisms produced rainbows of color.
Are you ready for a bit more color discovery on your own?

Find an photo of a scene or piece of artwork that you like.
Glue it onto a page in your color journal....
Look at it carefully and identify and note ALL of the different colors that you can see in your image
Now, using paint, magazines, or fabric find samples of all the various colors you identified and glue them into your journal, too. On-line a good source would be Color Scheme Designer.

Paying attention and seeing color is fun
and all the while it soaks into our souls.
Enjoy the process.


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