Friday, April 12, 2013

Nature's Color - A Funtastical Colorful Friday

A  few days ago I received a package from a friend and inside there was an incredible crystal.
Since then I have been reading up on crystals and basically researching this and that. Early this morning I typed in Kentucky geology (being so new to the area) and hit search. I found out some fascinating information about the state, and some amazing places close by to check out.

So, I planned my day around an outing to -- Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum in Marion, KY.
Their website looked really inviting, and the sun was shining - spring green calling...
I headed off!

The trip was all one could hope for on a bright, sunny day and then we arrived at the museum.

WOW! What an incredible treat.
The first room we walked in to took my breath away. Cabinets filled, floor to ceiling with amazing examples from not only Kentucky but the world...but, mostly Kentucky. Fluorite - big, small and in more colors than one could imagine. There were specimen displays, yes, but there was also the dark room where slices of fluorite were backlit. Blacklights in a classroom setting when turned on showed how the fluorite
fluoresces. A lot to take in, and color, color, color. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

So worth the trip!

Have a grand weekend....


  1. Cool! I checked out the link and saw that they have a mineral show coming up so I forwarded it to Abdul as he does those shows. What a great connection for him!

    1. it is a very special place -- plan on checking it out when Abdul stops won't want to miss it

  2. I love rocks. I always have one or two in my pocket after a walk. But, if I was picking up those beauties, I would be running home in glee. Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh, Jeannie - we are kindred spirits -- my husband always asks what I am going to do with the rocks I pick up -- after 25 years you'd think he'd just stop asking....