Monday, April 8, 2013

Purple - Colorbook Tales or Monday Musing

Good morning everyone!
The birds are waking everyone and I was catching up on Sunday Facebook postings where someone asked me if after putting my own colorbook together, I now liked PURPLE?
Rather than just a big resounding YES, I thought I would share a bit of where my discovery and enjoyment now of purple has shown up in my quilts.

The very first quilt below is one that I show when I give my lecture on color -- I tell them this was my first attempt at using purple. They laugh, saying where's the purple...but you got to start somewhere.


There are loads more out on my website gallery --
and, don't forget to look for RED, too... for it also was not a favored color before I started exploring color.

I'll be stitching today -- think I'll pull some PURPLE.



  1. Wow! I love these! There is so much to look at when I click on a photo and it enlarges. You have created such wonderful texture with the quilting and beadwork! I was just gonna have a quick look, but ended up staying a while. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for staying for a longer look -- I do love the embellishing -- thread, beads and COLOR!
    thanks also for leaving a comment -- it's nice to hear from everyone out there!