Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Roller Coasting!

Well, here is Paducah they have announced frost warnings for the weekend. Add this to the amount of leaves beginning to fall and I think it is safe to say that 'fall is here'.

It has been a roller coaster month - my darling David trip over his own feet in the middle of the night and broke his wrist. Originally it looked like a clean break, but that did not remain and he had to undergo surgery. Add in that it was his dominate hand... let's just say it is good that he is retired.

With the passing of my sweet Nikki, we had just thought about getting a kitten to keep Edgar happy -- and one just fell into our lives.... he's a little love who right now is watching the birds from a perch in the studio. Ralphie---
In between all this I have completed my latest on-line workshop with Academy of Quilting and it begins on November 6th! It took a while to pull it all together for there are more techniques on creating your own embellishments -- and how to embroidery, bead and generally use all sorts of methods to embellish these... phew.... than I can count! All my favorites, and hopefully some that will become yours, too.
Fabric'ating Embellishments
There has just been so much keeping me happily busy - while not driving me crazy.

I'll be sharing more about getting ready for quilt market next week later on this weekend, but for now I couldn't wait to share the button I've created to give away while I'm there.  Reach for the Stars!

What colors are your stars?



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about David! Sending healing thoughts and prayers.... :(

    Ralphie is gorgeous!!!

  2. thanks Rachel -- the ups and downs of it all... and while Ralphie is definitely a looker, he is a floppy little love -- keeping Edgar quite busy

  3. Sorry to hear about David's mishap. I hope he is healing now. Love your buttons for Quilt Market. My stars are teal and red-orange!