Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rust=Texture - Inspiration Filler' Up Sunday -

Hi All-
It's been way too long since I had reliable WIFI!
But, I used that time away from you well.
OK, there was feet in the sand, and sooooo much sunshine and gorgeous blue water
--- but, I was never far from collecting textures!

I was thrilled to be able to teach on a Caribbean cruise -- and in between workshop days there was time to discover, play and of course take pictures.

You may know, that given enough time, water, salt air will cause rust on just about any metal.
People try to hold off the corrosion with paint, but if left to the elements rust will set in. If not stopped what once was decays away.

In the pictures I am sharing today take close look at the texture all this rusting causes.
Bubbly, gritty, spotty... 
but look again and note the lines and shapes, and how the rust colors it all.

What colors do you see?

Have you ever purposely caused rust?
Later this week I'm going to rust up some fabric
and try a bit of paper - just to see what happens.
Join me!


  1. there's oh so many more...had such a blast soaking up the enviorns in the Caribbean