Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rusted Fabric Quilt - A Thursday Treat

Since I started writing about my rusting fabric experimenting I have heard from many of you.
It is such a fun and enticing way to manipulate fabric!

Kathy from out in California had snapped the quilt here while attending the Foothill Guild Show. We both love it and went out to the maker....Linda Waddle, to ask permission to share the quilt.
She agreed, and even supplied me with information about how she created it.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Linda Waddle - Iron Galaxy I

My husband has a large stash of rusting metal, my yard is full of rusted metal wheels, gears, etc., so it was natural that I try rusting with these objects. This piece began with rusted gears, washers and a grate laid on a vinegar water soaked commercial fabric, covered with plastic and left to do its thing. I check on the rust process every three days or so, sprayed more vinegar water on the fabric if necessary and moved the objects if they had produced an image. By the time this process was completed, the wetness of the fabric provided a wash of rust color over most of the piece.
When it was rusted to my satisfaction, it was dried, cured for a few days and then rinsed and ironed. The same gears that provided the rusting were used as stamps with metallic turquoise paint. The same paint was used to scatter some dots for extra background texture. The gears were also used as templates for some of the stitching. Metallic thread, poly thread and fluorescent threads were used in the quilting. Copper metal discs were heat treated to change the color and secured to the quilt with a single bead.
Now a question for those who are rusting on fabric, how do you neutralize the rusting? I have just heard that the fabric should be rinsed in a baking soda solution. Any comments?

Amazing quilt, Linda!
As for your question about neutralizing or stopping the rust...
the rusting really never stops, and baking soda (2 TB per gallon of water)is considered one of the best ways to slow down

There is information about using vinegar or salt, since this is used on metal to deter rusting, but these materials help deter it by causing a layer of rusting that can be removed. Not what we want with our fabric, so I think the baking soda is a good option.

I try to leave the fabric in contact or actively rusting for as short a period as possible.
Then wash it with a mild, color free, phbalanced soap.
Let it dry then rinse in the baking soda water.
Let it dry again and rinse with clear water.

Are you ready to give this a try?
Can't wait to see your Rusted Fabric!

Rusting On

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