Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun-Tastic Friday

Today as I sit here the snow is lightly falling, falling, falling.

It makes for a quiet, serene and contemplative morning.
The week has been fun-filled...many, may not think so, but I spent the week shopping on-line and restocking the items that I sell and that make up the kits for many of my workshops.

All the stuff started to come in and the studio filled up -- FUN!

It is times like this that I am grateful for all the things I get to do, and all the wonderful quilters and artists and just great people that I get to meet.

I've only had a chance to unpack a bit -
and only to take a few snaps to share a bit...

Guess, this is the perfect day to go start pulling out my 'summer' clothes and start packing for the cruise coming up REALLY FAST....

all, while remembering to be forever grateful for it all!

Wishing you a Fun-Tastic Friday... fill it with wonder and gratitude!

Packing On

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  1. Hi Rose,,, I check out your sites periodically, but was surprised to see you have moved to Paducah. I attended the quilt show there a few years ago and love the area... Are you located near downtown? Hugs, and enjoy, vivian, from So. Cal and now near Yosemite.