Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Toolin' - A fun way to fill a SHAPE container

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week kicked off well.
I've been enjoying my time pulling all sorts of materials together for my Caribbean Cruise workshop participants. These trips seem so far out in time when you book them, it kind of seems magical when they show on the calendar to be just days away.

Today I've been having fun putting the final touches on a bag I'm making to carry my stuff while cruisin'.

For it I combined stamping and doodling and fabric
-- can there be anything better?

The cat stamps work to contain the fun-line doodling that bring the cats to life.
Stamping on fabric is fun and easy -- check it out!
I started with a pencil drawing of a cat face.
Then I rubbed pencil on the back of the picture
then laid it on top of a piece of rubber designed for
carving and tracing all the lines
With the pencil drawing completed I pulled out my lino-carving
tools and using the thin line tool and carved along the lines
then using a gouge tool I carefully carve away all the background areas
with everything carved it's time to stamp some cats onto fabric
using Createx Airbrush paint and a lino-roller I apply the paint to the stamp

I used masking tape to set the stage for the cat stamping --
then with the cats stamped it's time to get doodling -- then when it's all done,
it's ready to be stitched into the bag
before diving into the cat doodling I made a sample
using the Jarquard textile pens



  1. I love the carving! Of course, I love the bag....but I would hang the carving on the wall as artwork, when done! A two in one!!! Thanks, Rose, for bringing us great projects.....

  2. Rose - It is always a joy to have your posts pop up on my FB feed - and see what you are up to creatively speaking - love the cats - love the designs -

    Have a GREAT cruise! I know your students will...

  3. thanks Natalie & MAK for your comments -- I'm always on the lookout for fun, creative projects to share. Glad you like them!