Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Inside & the Outside of Shape

Shape is said to be:
Positive - when the figure is the focus of the image or the foreground
Negative - when it is the empty space or the shape created as it surrounds the foreground image.

Together they work to create a whole picture,
sometimes working to create a stage where the star of the show is seen to best advantage…
And, sometimes where the stage becomes an integral star as well. (an artist know for this is M.C.Etcher)
Thinking of creating shapes
from the inside or the outside
Is another way to imagine possibilities with shapes:

Like my hearts here:

If you have a flat piece of recycled styrofoam (like the trays meat come in from the store), or a relatively thick piece of cardboard you can have some fun with the idea of  inside & outside; negative & positive shapes.

You’ll need the styrofoam or cardboard; a sharp knife for cutting (like and Exacto) and a pencil.
For the printing-- paper or fabric along with crayons, paints or other medium.

I started with a square of styrofoam and drew a heart image on it.

Then using an Exacto knife. I carefully cut around the heart.
This left me with a positive heart to work with, and the negative space heart square.

Using these both,
I created a pattern by placing them underneath fabric
and taking crayons rubbed over them each in turn
TIP:(a piece of sandpaper underneath helps keep everything steady while crayoning.)
This is how I created this small quilt.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Find time to have some heart shaped fun today.


  1. Thanks for a happy and interesting Valentine post Rose! may your day be filled with hugs!

    1. your comment is like a BIG hug -- so I'm sending one back to you -- now we're both off to a great start!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day,Rose! Miss you!

    M.C. Escher is one of the first artist that i was interested in. In high school, I tried to mimic his style.

  3. Hi Mia- I always loved Escher, too = the way he controlled the sea of shapes and textures. Thanks for clicking over and leaving a comment. Love hearing from you!