Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Filler' Up - Shape as Container

Happy Sunday everyone!

We have had three beautiful days here and it's been great that they showed up just in time for weekend fun. Today I am busy in the studio -- enjoying this last sunny day (more thunder, lightning & rain in the forecast). In the studio there is drawing, painting and cutting happening, so it seemed perfect to talk about
HAPE as 'container' today.

As a quilter I can relate to the idea of using a SHAPE to contain other SHAPEs  is near and dear to my heart. The compartment shapes can hold together all sorts of other visual elements -- line, mark, texture and color.

This is where the fun happens.

Think of a lovely piece of fabric that you may have painted and textured -- now taking scissors you cut this into various shapes -- you have used these new shapes to contain the lovely layers of painted effects. Now you can place and stitch these new shapes on to new backgrounds.

Fun indeed!

These containers help keep all the various elements separate and distinct.
They retain their distinction while still interacting with all the other compartment shapes and the ground they exist on.

Here are a few examples I found online:

quilt by Diane Melms

Think of the possibilities...
with paper, fabric... the list goes on from there and is as long as you'd like to make it!

Stitching On!

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