Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun-tastic Friday! Wonderfully, Seeking Shapes

the sun is just trying to enter the day,
& I am sitting here with coffee
--writing to YOU!

The week has been one filled with all sorts of fun events and fun people and I have also been working on a getting acquainted with some new technology.

This technology boost is one that will help me be able share better in this and other on-line spaces and I am really psyched about learning to do this.

My teacher, guide, mentor in all this has thrown out a challenge...

and, today I am off on a picture taking expedition in order to create the presentation that is part of this challenge.

SHAPE is not the subject, but it will certainly be a fun part of my picture taking adventures.

I'm planning to be on the look out
for patterns created by SHAPEs.

Hmmm, what to be on the lookout for?
Well, click here:
All those ideas I posted about LINE and pattern apply here, too!

These pattern making motifs have been around and used for thousands of years.
Just look at the fabrics we use all around us!

You may even want to check out a couple of my favorite books on this subject:

Can't get out for a picture taking
adventure of your own?

How about finding some examples of patterns
created with shapes right around the house,
or while you're running errands.

Great examples can be found within the designs for fabric or wrapping paper.
or, if you're Valentine's celebrations are spanning the weekend, keep an eye out for heart patterns.

I'd love to hear about what you  find...
and, I promise to share some of mine here, too!

The Search is On!

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