Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pinterest Hop - Finding an Inspirational Spark

I am often asked where I find inspiration,
and my answer 'almost always' is..
be open - pay attention to things happening around you.

There seems to always be something new to see..
.and so many places that we can go hang out for an hour or two and find a spark.
No time, you say... well,
think about walking down the hardware isle while at the DIY store,
or maybe the card store,

or the grocery store...what may you find there?

The possibilities are endless -- out there,
BUT what about right here -- right now?

This is why I love taking a Pinterest Hop... finding a little bit of something
that gets my mind 'hopping'.

I'm setting off on a Pinterest Hop today in search of images that tell stories with SHAPE.
Who knows, I might find a new artist or find the perfect inspirational spark!

Please join me!
I'll be posting my finds tomorrow -- right here.
and, if you find a spark you'd like to share I would love it if you would post it
to my Facebook-Like Page.

(here's a little nudge -- one of my own pinned photos from my board - Artified Shape)

'til tomorrow
Seeking the Spark

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