Friday, February 1, 2013

Funtastic Friday - A Visit with Lily Liu

Since moving to Paducah, I have met tons of wonderful people and some amazing artists.
All making me feel quite at home.
One of the first artists that I met was a young woman named Lily Liu
-- seeing on the first encounter her incredible fabric vessels that are unlike any I have seen before.

They are created out of little strips of rolled up fabric -
and WOW the fabric takes on a whole different kind of look when done Lily's way.
Since those little strips of fabric are really another use of LINE, I am excited to be able to share her and her work here before we switch gears for our February's dance with SHAPE.

Visiting Lily's studio I expected a treat,
and I was not disappointed.

Her studio is filled top to bottom with supplies, for as I learned Lily's artistic interest range from ceramics, to beading, to fiber, to wherever her creative energy takes her... and boy, it takes her FAR!

For today though, I will share about the vessels -- mostly due to limited space to share all the wonderful photos I took while visiting with Lily.
here is Lily in her studio
she starts with small strips of fabric
each is folded and pinned, ready for rolling
rolling starts, and Lily says she does this 'everywhere'
each is rolled tight, and then rubber banded - yes, those are tiny rubber bands!
once rolled they are placed in a bag
you need a ton of rolls to make a vessel
each of the rolls is doubly tied into place
creating a long rope of rolled fabric
then Lily begins knotting them all together
this is one of the ropes
this is a peek over the edge of one vessel to give you an idea
of how it all comes together -  WOW! don't you think?
 Below is a little slide show of some of Lily's wonderful pieces
to contact Lily directly email her at ---
--  ENJOY, and Happy Friday!

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Check back on Sunday as we begin a month
of having Artify fun with SHAPE!


  1. What an eyeful of color! Great post, Rose -- thanks!

  2. Hey Julie - so glad you enjoyed the post. I had such a grand time at Lily's. Edit the photos was a tough job...but, lucky for me I got to do it! thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Wow, they are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Wow! I mean it - Wow!!! Thanks so much for sharing Lily's gorgeous artwork.

  5. Love your blog and the positive things on it as well as all the beautiful creative things. I didn't know you had moved to Paducah and wishing you joy and success there.