Sunday, February 17, 2013

Filler' Up Sunday-- Fun stuff to prime your imagination

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Are you ready for some fun?

I had a whole lot planned out to share with you about positive & negative space today.
NOTAN as some may have studied,

BUT, then I had some picture taking help from my new neighbor & friend here in Paducah...
Rachel Biel --
some may know her as the founder of,
an amazing site for textile professionals and ANYONE interested in textile happenings all around the world.

I have really enjoyed getting to know her better since moving here, and hanging with her is always fun. This time though, I pulled her away from work to come take photos of me around the new house -- for a presentation I'm giving soon....from the picture below, you can see we had fun, too!
attach of the killer embroidery thread!
While, at the house we got chatting about one of the organizations she helps promote-
I snagged a picture of just one of their huge collection of
*hand carved
*signed by the artist-carver
*all from sustainable woods..... DESIGNS
You can see that by clicking over to their shop you will be treated to perfect, (amazing) examples using shapes & MORE. Learning by example--YES!
Have a great day -- and a great time wandering through
this wonderful store.
You'll see and learn quite a bit,
(maybe even buy your favorite),
so Filler' UP!

and have a grand Sunday


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Rose! And, yes, it was fun to do the photo shoot! Your house is so amazing and I hope some of the photos will show that off! Your eye for color and shape is clear in your quilts and then translated beautifully in your home.

    It's always fun to see you and I'm glad we're neighbors! :)

  2. Lucky neighbor! Can't wait to see pictures of the house!

    1. I'm looking forward to sharing Gloria -- and seeing if this techno stuff will help us stay close even though I've moved ever so far...