Sunday, February 3, 2013

February - Shape Filler' Up Begins

Welcome to the Sunday Filler' Up --
today we begin looking at SHAPE.

Ahhh, shapes! February is a great month to study SHAPE.

Those wonderful things that are created simply by creating a path with a line that meets up with itself.

As a quilt artist I am all about shapes…
..there are so many ways that I go about making shapes in my work.

First off -- how about those scissors? Or, rotary cutter?
any time we take these tools to fabric, snip, snip, snip, by the time we are done we end up with shapes.

And, they may be any of the three types of shapes:
Geometric - structured and often symmetrical these include squares, circles, triangles, crosses, spirals..(which if you have taken one of my Fast-Piece Applique workshops you may recognize as the universal shapes mentioned in the book, Signs of Life: by Angeles Arrien )

Natural shapes are often irregular and occur most frequently in nature -- leaves are one of the best examples

Abstract shapes are around us everyday, for these are shapes that are most often natural shapes that are simplified or stylized. Can you think of any very common shapes that may fall into this category? How about the shapes that we find on almost every public bathroom door-the ones that universally let us know which one is the men’s room and which is the women’s.

Before I get too carried away,
I’d like to give you a little assignment.

Take your sketchbook along with you over the next couple of days and draw and/or take notes on all the shapes you run across.

We’re in for a great month of SHAPE discovery --
hope you join in, for it will be hard not to find inspiration along the way!

I'm off to get in a bit of sewing today, but I'm leaving you with one of my favorite February's Flight quilts... this one is #5. Note the shapes..(line, too)!

Truly Stitching On!

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