Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Playing with Shapes

Happy Tuesday!
I'm off to a slow start today, for last night I had the Paducah Fiber Artist's meeting in my new home. Wow, it was incredibly fun for both Dave(my lovely husband)and I to host the group. There were people there who traveled from Illinois and Missouri to join in, and I don't think anyone went home disappointed. The potluck was great, but the show & tell was amazing!

The sharing always reminds me that, we all have to start somewhere, and sometimes the seemingly most easy things can open up whole new ways of seeing what is around us,

AND, remember

Playing is important,
and playing with ideas and materials is just one way to build knowledge and insight.

Last month, I encouraged you to pull out your sketchbook and do LINE drawings based on a different word each day. Nothing elaborate, or time consuming, 5 minutes.

This month, take those same words,
or write some new ones on slips of paper and,
throw them into a bowl and pick one out to work with.

Though, this time
take paper, felt and/or fabric scraps, scissors and a glue stick

and cut SHAPEs that express your word(s).
Again, give yourself 5 minutes, OK a couple of extra minutes for gluing!

And, have fun...
gather up your supplies
pick a word
and have fun - for these there were five of us
we each did 3 -5 minute pieces

you may be surprised and what SHAPEs up.

Stitchin' & Gluing On

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