Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Fill'Up - Texture

How did it get to be March already?
Kind of caught me off guard. I was so enthralled with SHAPE...doesn't seem right to switch, BUT --
If you have to move on, TEXTURE is a lovely thing to explore.
Everything around us has actual TEXTURE --
When we touch it we can feel it's surface -
it may be smooth, crackled, gritty, slimy, ridged, lumpy, bumpy, slick
-- you can see the list is seemingly endless.

In design and in life what can be felt by touching
as well as by seeing is called and 'actual' texture.

BUT, additionally in design we also have the power to create the illusion of texture...(isn't it cool to be an 'illusionist'?!?)
These are known as 'imaginary' textures --
when you see them they have the appearance of textures,
but when you reach out to touch them -- they are flat.

In designing, texture is really, really important -
for it is the dimension and depth of TEXTURE that brings life to our work.

I would encourage you to start TODAY paying attention to all the TEXTUREs that surround you.
Collect them -- they will intrigue you and pull you into seeing new areas of life --
and they will serve you well when you start some new design project.

Start your own collection today --

Just wander through your house with a pencil or crayon in
hand along with some copy paper and collect rubbings
of things you find along the way.

Paste them into a sketchbook and have fun filling the pages:
These are just a few I gathered today.

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