Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yarn Scrumbling - A Textural Sunday Fill'r Up

On this last day of March - as the birds seem never to sleep and days are trying bit by bit to hold on to warmth I wanted to leave you with a fun textural idea.

It is not something new, but it certainly something that is fun -
especially if you LOVE yarn!

In my quilts I use yarn for couching -- and my yarn collection runs just behind my fabric collection in size, so several years ago my friend Susan convinced me that I should take a 'scrumbling' workshop with her.

Hmm, just what was this scrumbling thing?

Knowing me all too well, Susan described it as crocheting without rules.

The 'no rules' thing got me, and we had a great time learning to scrumble, but note that you did kind of have to learn the rules -- in order to break them. The result is fun - free formed yarn play.

Hope you enjoy this final textural treat!


  1. I love your scrumbling. I need to try that. But I absolutely love how you display your yarn. I love seeing my colorful supplies when I enter my room. Could you please tell me where you got those containers for your yarn. Also I am looking forward to taking a workshop with you in October. I belong to the Desert Quilters of Las Vegas. Thrilled you are coming!!

  2. Hi Doreen - some of the scrumbling is mine some of it others found on the internet -- wish I knew who. As for the yarn baskets -- I got these two years ago from Pier I. There were more available, but silly me thought my yarn collection would never be bigger than these two could hold. BOY, was I ever wrong. I am really looking forward to the visit in the fall! Hope you find some great containers for your own collection.

  3. Clever way to store your yarns. I will look around to see if I can find something similar. This 'scrumbling' sure look beautiful and I would really use it. Never heard of it before, but then I am not as clever as I think!!! LOL Will be looking in to it. xx

    1. I hope you find some of these fun wire boxes...if you do, buy 2xs what you think you need. I love them, but only bought the 2 and could use a dozen. I am always finding things that I never heard of before -- always keeps me hunting up new stuff. thanks for leaving a comment!