Monday, March 4, 2013

Ready for Take Off - Imaginary Textures

Hi Everyone,
Happy Monday - I'm still trying to catch up with March....
but,  I'm totally ready to share with you an TEXTURE adventure.

It is one where your imagination can take flight without even leaving the house.

Yesterday, I shared a bit with you about 'actual' textures and I suggested that you start a collection of textures all your own.

Today, I thought we could take an on-line look at those other textures -
the 'imaginary' ones.

To start your own journey you need only type in the word TEXTURE into your search engine.
There is a whole world of textures that have been photographed and collected,
and they're all right at your fingertips.

A couple of my favorite providers are:
CG Textures

These will definitely get you thinking TEXTURE...
how about clouds, trees, animals, plants, stuff under the a microscope, rain, snow....

I'm already thinking how my collection is going to grow once I get a chance to get going with my own picture taking!

Have you got a first - or favorite in mind already?

Let you imagination take flight!

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