Monday, January 14, 2013

With Exploration Comes Insight

Happy Monday everyone,
Time to be off and going --
always love the new beginning feel of Monday.
Maybe a time to start something new, or tweak something already underway...

though in either case I feel...
Curiosity and exploration create a direct path to discovery...
so, pull on the walking shoes and head out for a bit of wandering.

During my my own
5-minute word inspired sketch-wandering this morning,
I chose the words that have kept popping up as I wandered around my new hometown.

tree skeletons

here's a peek into my sketchbook,
can you see how my own mind turned almost immediately on making them into fabric sketches
-  why not?
Go for your own wander today.
Share a word or words of your own...
or, give mine a whirl and share yours!

Meanwhile, wonder how I might use these as inspiration for some fabric line creating this week.

Stitching On!

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