Friday, January 25, 2013

Scottsdale Update

I have now completed 2 wonderful - 2day workshops and have just today to meet a new group for a quiet fun day of Dimensional Stitching.
The perfect 'line' workshop!
We'll have fun finding out just how far a needle and thread may take us.

The pictures here were taken last night as my friend, and fellow teacher, Lura Schwarz-Smith took off for a bit of Scottsdale fun. As the sun set we headed off on the trolley into Old Town where the Art Walk on Thursday evenings was in full swing.

We had a blast catching up, taking in the sites and people watching...oh, hey and had an amazing dinner at one of the local restraunts. On entering this establishment I was immediately taken by the glass partition around the bar.
It lined up glass triangles on wire creating a wonderful and intriguing wall.
I have been on the lookout for things like this, for I have a garden area at the new house where I want a wall, but not a wall.

BUT, I had to share it here...
we were to be on the lookout for, and take pictures of 'line' this week.
My mind is spinning with possibilities.
What would make those triangles of --
or would you change the shape?

Have an amazing Friday & kick off the weekend with gusto.
I'm Stitching On!

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