Friday, January 4, 2013

First Friday - First Pinterest Hop

This first Friday of 2013 finds me still trying to get my act together. January's newsletter went WVSA on me. (wanting very special attention)

But it is now on it's way out into cyberspace, so I'm up for a bit of a treat.

My treat of choice today/
non-fattening of course is a Pinterest Hop.

It always makes me happy and today I'm off in search of LINE examples.

I'll be pinning my finds to my new board -- Month of Art Basics - Line
But, I'm also going to put together a slide show of my finds for Monday.

If you jump in and find images that you love, leave me the link(s) in the comments hereand I'll add them to the slide show.

Here's the basic definition of LINE -- leaves lots of room for interpretation, so have FUN!

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