Thursday, January 17, 2013


I started with a quick sketch of some tree skeletons on Monday morning, and they have captured my attention. At the bottom of my sketchbook page that day I had written the following:

'against everchanging colors of winter skies--
morning pinks; cloudless clear blues;
soft greys; dark deep cold blues'

The lines of the trees were a way of seeing those amazing skies - everyday.

Little did I know that night I would have a bit of private tour of Helene Davis's studio here in Paducah.
She is an art quilter and hand-dyer...

and when I saw her latest work my mouth dropped for she had captured my skies!

Long story, short -- she agreed to let me come visit today--
maybe take a few pictures today, so I am jazzed!

My little set of four tree skeleton designs may be lucky enough to even find some amazing sky fabric just for them. In the meantime,  please stand-by....

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