Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here We Go....Again!

Happy New Year to you all...
2012 has been a wild year, but happily all the predictions of old never came to pass and here we are...

The stitching for my shiny, happy welcome to the new year started on Christmas and was easy and fun to work on. It is all created using line -- Line is the first of the basic design elements that I'll be sharing about -- spending the whole month of January on related projects, lessons, wanderings and guests, too!

I have been delighting in how easy the holographic thread has been to had stitch, and will show you the process tomorrow...right here,

BUT, today is about celebrating
so have a grand day and kick-off 2013 in some favorite way!

Would love to hear what those may be --
Dave & I are kicking back to do nothing... then taking in a movie, you?

Stitching Onward


  1. Happy New Year, Rose! I love your "2013" artwork.

  2. thanks Mia -- I'm looking forward to sharing lots on things I love to do this year... hope your new year is off to grand start!