Sunday, January 13, 2013

Filler Up! Sunday Inspirations

Welcome to the first Sunday -
Inspirations Filler' Up!

Could not have picked a better day to be home. Brrr, I sit here, bundled up, wearing fingerless mittens, and typing away; hopefully bringing you some kick-start ideas..

For me, keeping a journal-sketchbook is a must!

It lets you try new things, make note of those special things that cross my path, and generally keep me moving forward.

Any sketchbook, or piece a paper will do -
for my favorite TO DO is the 5 minute warm up line sketches.
(pretty appropriate for this month, too...heh)

The beginning and the end
sometimes rolled all up in one.

On it's own, or with a few or thousand, line may be used to express a mood, or an emotion;  direction or movement.

So by just picking one of these types of words and letting the pencil, pen, marker, paintbrush wander over the page to capture ideas inspired by the word, you may open up a door to creative opportunity.

Give it a try - time yourself and pick out one of the words below and see what comes:

alone, curious, inside, around, wiggle, leap

I like to try one a day, but I hereby give you permission to have fun and try as many as you like, and believe it or not there are sites out there to give you whole lists of movement words or emotion words to bring to play.

So, Filler' Up!
and have fun...

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