Sunday, January 6, 2013

Huh...Pinterest, what?

Happy Sunday everyone ---

I wanted to share with you a little about what I call a Pinterest Hop,
why I love them,
and how I hope you join in, too!

Pinning has become a guilty pleasure for us visual people.
Finding images of things we love, and having a (PIN) board to place them &  know right where to find them.

My early pinning seemed to take on a life of it's own -- it felt like sooner would I find and artist's pin before I immediately headed off to find more.

So, I would hop from Pinterest to Bing searches,
back to pinning
--- I think you get the Hop part.

Since January is all about LINE, why not Pinterest Hop in search of inspiring artists using line in amazing ways. My own hop is continuing, but I thought I might add couple of LINE hints that might encourage your own Hop.

Here are few examples of how LINE may be used:

Even finding one photo showing line used in each of these ways would be quite a treat....
so hop on!

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