Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Find the Way!

Van Gough
Tolle Perry
Fernand Leger
Michele Mikesell

Yesterday, the photos I shared with you used very strong actual lines to pull your attention into the picture.

See where your eye is pulled.
Then try to figure out what the artist used to move you visually through the piece.

These artists are using 'implied' line:
One not really there, but created by other means
to pull our eye and attention to areas as if there was an actual line.

In Van Gough's piece notice how he uses the boats and the shoreline to pull us in.
Tolle Perry uses the flowers and window itself to pulls us in the center circle.
Arms, eye direction, and mechanical do dads of Fernand Leger's piece keep pulling us back in to see more.
How about the others?

How could you use this in your next project?

My mind it spinning with possibilities --
Hope this get's your inspirational juices going.

Stitchin' On


  1. I've been delving in here and it is a wonderful and inspiring space! In photography it is called "leading lines" so it is the same concept, but you have the gift of making it so real:~))

  2. Seeing 'Foxglove Lane' here made me smile. I have followed your blog for some time and love, love, love seeing and hearing about your goings-on. Always inspiring, too! Thank your for your comments..I'm having a great time with my blog and making it inspiring is totally my goal. As our (I believe mutual friend) Roisin said recently on her is about people.