Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Foolin' Toolin' Tuesday

When I was running around Quilt Market last October I ran into that wonderful man from Kai Scissors. I had first met him in Long Beach where he happily accepted my challenge 'to prove' that his 5-1/2" curved scissors really would make the trimming of my Fast-Piece Applique pieces breezier than my beloved duck-bill scissors.

Try it -- he said...
and he needed to say nothing more, for after trying these little beauties I was hooked-- and bought them to share with my classes and add soon to my on-line store.

When showing my students the FPA method yesterday I included a "try it" you may just 'like it' suggestion, and then sold out of scissors. Today for Tool'in Tuesday the class was going to hold them up for a photo op, BUT we all got so consumed with the quilts that we forgot.

Still wanting to share these with you I went for send best...
photos of just the scissors themselves.

Like everything in life and quilting - having the right tool for the job, makes the doing a breeze. The right tool for one may not be the right tool for another, and the right tool may sometimes be 'really' be improved upon. We always need to be on the lookout for these jewels -- and, always give new tools a whirl.

Having a grand time at Quilt Camp-- promise fun pictures on my return.
Tomorrow I begin teaching a 2-day machine embellishment class, so I'll be

Stitichin' On

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