Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting Line By Reverse Applique

Boy, yesterday was a wonderful & wild day
-- I met with Lily Liu and I had a great time seeing how she makes her incredible fabric bowls -- not a stitch in sight, and out of strips of fabrics (ok, so you knew 'line' would be in there somewhere, right?) I took lots of great photos and will be posting them this Friday....

then ended the day experiencing a wild night of thunderstorms and tornado warnings....

so, today waking to a quiet day,
I wanted to continue sharing what I have been up to with my tree skeletons.

Since there were narrow limbs on my trees,  I decided that a bit of reverse applique would get me to my next step of couching, easily:

Here we go:
with my background winter sky fabrics selected I was ready to go

first I enlarged my drawings
then copied them onto freezer paper with marker
next, I press the freezer paper to the right side of the black fabric
and laid these on top of the right side of the winter sky fabrics

pinned it all together
shortened my stitch length on my sewing machine
and stitched over all the lines
with it all stitched, I removed the pins
and removed all the paper
next I used my wonderful Kai bent edge scissors
and removed all the fabric from the areas I wanted sky fabric to show through
once I completed this for all 4 of my small quilt tops
I am ready to sandwich my quilt and start couching!

Tomorrow, check back in to learn how to 'couch' those lines and quilt at the same time.
'til then

Stitching On

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