Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toolin' Tuesday - Home Again, Home Again

I am totally excited this fine Tuesday morning,
for I have a date this morning with another of Paducah's incredible fiber artists. "Amazing" is the only hint I will leave for you and hope you stop by later this week to meet Lily Liu.

Also, this week I will be share my tree skeleton quilts along with a couple of how-to's that fit right in to this month's 'LINE' discoveries. You will also see the first of what I hope will be many fun and creative inspiring workbooks. This month the workbook will be about 'line' of course, but it will take you much further along the road to discovering how you can use the simple seeing and capturing line exercise materials to create beautiful fabric, paper and other media works.

I am totally jazzed!

Meantime, I am sharing with you today some of the 'line' inspiration I found on my recent trip to Scottsdale, AZ. All were taken on a simple walk around the block at lunch --
just have to keep an eye open.
I have been very inspired by this landscape before so I am also sharing one of my favorite set of quilts - Close, Closer & Closest.

Have a great Tuesday --
and take a few minutes to 'tool around and see what you may find right where you are!

Stiitchin On!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. I did! I did!
      think everyone at camp had a great time...
      too bad as soon as it was over it started to RAIN!