Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Stitched Line

Yesterday I posted a bunch of LINE examples...
that I hope mine inspired you a bit,
or inspired you to go search out a few of your own.
There was one that I also posted on my Facebook page and asked the question,
"How would you stitch this?"

Loved all the answers... and, of course there is no right answer....that's the fun of it!

The stitched line on it's own is a simple, but it easily can produce an immeasurable WOW factor.

Later on this week I'll be sharing a simple stitched line project, so today I thought I would share my own hand-stitching tool kit, and a favorite book that shares its own WOW.

I never travel far without my own small box of stitching tools.
Last year my daughter-in-law, Dawn, calling it my 'survival kit' recreated it as a product that I now sell.
The Stitching Happy-Survival Kit includes all my favorite handstitching tools:
There are 11 Sharp needles for beading, 12 Crewels for embroidery,
Clover's double needle threader, Chacoliner & cutter,
and of course a 'real' needle-sharpening strawberry.

Add in some thread, and anything is possible.

Don't believe me?This book is a favorite in my library, and quite the page turner.
In it, you are taken into collections of French textile companies, and into hand embroidery workshops in Paris as they take a real scene and re-create them with fabric & stitches.

Have an grand day...
and as you are out and about find a bit of LINE in the
architecture, nature or supermarket
to inspire the day!


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