Thursday, January 10, 2013

Filling in the Blanks

My month of line discoveries and sharing continues with this small, fun & fast project.
I had posted a couple of pics yesterday of the space in my master bedroom calling out for attention. The little sitting area looked bare, and while the wicker all needs a coat of paint, that will have to wait for spring.

The quilt is much loved and has been used and washed for now over 10 years -- it is very linear -- put together with strips of various sizes on one side (inspired by a Bauhaus weaving in - Women's Work), the other used all the leftovers -- still can not decide which side I like best.

I liked the ideas some of you suggested, but pillows did seem the easiest and fastest solution. The pillows had to be colorful and hint of line. Of course, a little plant shopping added a bit more visual fun, too!. Plants don't ship when moving cross-country, so the house seems ready for a bit of green, right about now.
Follow along, as I tell all with pictures!
the new look - already being enjoyed by Edgar
made two of these - 18" finished pillows
purchased 3/4yd of aqua felt & used some scraps for the circles
1. Cut 2 - 19" squares of the felt
2. Mark your felt to make 32 mixed colors of 3" circles
I used a small saucer as a guide and a felt tip pen to mark the circles
3. Then cut them each out
4. I used my Chaco-liner to make a grid for placing the felt circles
Both vertically & horizontally I marked a line 1-1/2" from the edge,
then another line 2" in from that, and 3 more lines each 4" from the previous
5. With the lines marked, I placed the circles
then I used a small smudge of glue stick to hold each in place while I stitched.
6. I used a running stitch and stitched over grid pattern,
creating a fun pattern & holding all the circles in place.
 I chose some the fun new varigated 6-strand embroidery floss
that I started carrying last year, and since a heavier line
was wanted, I used all six strands.
7. For the 2-backs I chose to upcycle an 2X flannel shirt.
I start by cutting off the arms, and cutting out the side seams.
Then I cut out the collar area & back shoulders & trim away the rounded tails.
Next, I turn it right sides together, pin along the top & bottome
Then stitch both, leaving me with a large tube.
With the button section facing up, cut through the center from selvage to selvage.
This leaves two large pieces each with a button section that will become your pillow back opening.
8. Unbutton one of the buttons - lay out the stitched backing face up on table.
Lay the felt pillow top right side down on the backing and pin all the way around.
9. At sewing machine,1/2" from edge, stitch all the way around
10. Once stitched, trim corners and turn inside out, and unbutton the backing
11. Lastly, insert an 18" pillow form, button up & use.

Phew, luckily it's faster to stitch up the pillows than to write out the directions.
Fixing up the house & learning about line - who knew?
Hope you have a chance to stitch up one for yourself.


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