Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hmmm...which way?

Happy Toolin' Tuesday!
Last night was a meeting of the Paducah Fiber Group-my third since moving here-
A delight as always.
I especially had my eyes open toward how these fellow fabric folks utilize 'line' in their work.

The search had it's rewards and I will be sharing two of the group's artists with you later this month. I'm pretty excited...can hardly wait to visit their studios and talk with them more!

But, for today I thought we could 'tool around' and see some photo examples how LINE is used to portray direction:
Which way to go? Do you have a favorite?
Good thing 'line' is here to show the way.

Enjoy your day, and as you 'tool around' keep a look out for 'line';
the path followed or the path you are creating.

Stitch On!


  1. The line sure attracts the eye and hence the attention in these photo examples. How subtle can a line be and still be affective I wonder? These lines are quite prominent.

  2. These were very obvious, yes...so, I think tomorrow I will search out some examples of implied line -- subtle we shall search out, Peter. Thanks for commenting!