Sunday, January 20, 2013

Filler' Up... Again

Today the car was packed and ready to roll at o'dark hundred. I quietly pulled myself together, grabbed some hot tea for the road, & fed the kitties before waking David up to say good -bye. It was hard, but oh...the first workshop of the year is pretty exciting, and this year its a week in Scottsdale -- warmth and sunshine...and LINE of course.

Last week I suggested daily sketchbook exercises and I hope some of you may have given it a own tree skeletons have moved from 5 minutes of sketching to small quilts; still in the works...actually packed into my bags to work a bit on while I'm away.

This week let's take 'line' itself out for a turn around the town.

With sketchbook or camera find examples where lines...repeating in some manner are use to create pattern and texture.

I'll be doing the same, and we'll see where it takes us!

Have a great week....and please share about what you find.

Stitchin' On

Location:on the road

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