Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 3 Maddie Kertay --- SEXY

In her own words...she answers the question,
Who the heck is this Maddie person?

"I am the mother of seven kids ages 25 to 13, crazy huh? I share my life with my loves Les and Flaun and am the furry mom to multiple pets. I teach and lecture on quilting, creativity and social media all the while harboring a secret desire to learn to pole dance. On any given day, you can find me either in our amazing fabric store SPOOL or plotting the overthrow of the quilting world with radical ideas like acceptance and general BadAss good will."

All of this and more is why I love Maddie Kertay.

Her spirit is wild, yet loving in BIG ways.
and, she is more than willing to take on any GOOD battle.

I met Maddie at spring market in Portland where I gladly became a button wearing BadAss Quilting Society member. It was the market before she opened Spool -- her amazing store in Chattanooga, TN. I got to know her better that summer as the store came together. Maddie shared the ups and downs of it all,  and I consider myself a lucky girl to have been there for the opening.
If you like direct, if you like real...
then you'll like Maddie.
She took on the quilting for one of my favorite pieces in the book, and while we chatted about it being in 3 panels, there was not a flicker of this lady is crazed. In this quilt you see us both ---

For her blog stop #loveletterhearts she chose SEXY,
and it totally suits!!!

SEXY --Maddie Kertay

Join in,
as we continue on...
stitching all the way

XOXO ~Rose


  1. Rose I was so lucky to meet you at Maddies when she had her grand opening and I went out and got all your books...You are a wonderful person and I am glad to be taking this blog tour ......

    1. Hi Sharon, The SEXY heart is working now out on Maddie's posting today... so have at it, and have fun!
      I still look forward to seeing you up in Paducah for a workshop... real soon!

  2. Hi Rose I cannot seem to find the pattern for "sexy" can you advise? Thank you