Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - The Year of SPIRIT

Happy New Year to you all!
There has been so many postings about choosing a word of the year that one could hardly not think about it -- even a little bit.

Well, it turns out that a couple of weeks ago I was sitting at my desk and a poem of sorts (really notes to myself) came tumbling out. There was a word in that poem that seems to have made its way into all sorts of things since the holiday season began. From my mixed-media group end of the year project right on through my New Year's Card!

Here's my Note:

I am a lucky soul who gets to do something
every day that gives my heart wings.
Those wings are not just fanciful things
that suddenly appeared one day.
Each feather has its own story to tell,
each feather must be tended to.
Sometimes with great care and forethought,
sometimes with a hammer;

And, sometimes I must remind myself to just stand aside,
to let the spirit step in
and my wings will take flight.

Sound silly?
give it a try…..

Did you catch the word?
It looks like 2015 will be my year of SPIRIT.
Did something like this happen for you?
Did you find a word to hang your year on?
I'd love to hear yours!

Hope 2015 is a wonderful and filled with happiness,
and of course SPIRIT for you all,


p.s. as soon as I got the basic letters drawn out I immediately wanted to make this in fabric.... hoping for a bit of time to Make it Sew this afternoon... go figure!


  1. My word this year is "embrace". Hoping to learn to love life even when it isn't quite what I hoped for.

    1. I love this word and hope for you a wonderful 2015 to embrace!

  2. Great blog post, Rose! Yes, I, too have chosen a word for 2015. It is QUIET. In all caps for emphasis. I just need to keep a quiet inner spirit to help me stay calm and remain focused in my oft too busy life.

    1. I had to laugh at the caps Sandi --- one thinks of quiet in small letters, but knowing you I think you are spot on with the CAPS. Happiest of New Years to you!

  3. I am smiling as I read your post and the comments shared thus far. I l o v e words. I love their sounds, their taste, their style, their extravagance ~~ ~ ~ and I could go on. I shall admire and enjoy your word of the year experiences and while I am storing up more and more of them. Perhaps I shall "spend" some of your extra words while you are being single-minded/worded!!! I love the idea, but ~ ~ ~

    1. I share this love of words Kara -- and I am pleased to no end that mine inspire you --- your way! Enjoy, and share.

    2. Hi Rose what a wonderful post and yes I have chosen my words and I have 2 because for me they both go hand in hand...Simplify & Focus. I am a caregiver for my M-i-L and I have just been overly anxious about trying to do everything and then getting nothing accomplished. So this year I am hoping to keep on track and stay focused.......Happy New Year to you also...

    3. Hi Sharon, Thank you for leaving your comment. I agree that simplify & focus go hand and hand, and reading them quickly together made me go directly to magic -- there is magic in these actions, and I think you are on to something special!