Monday, December 29, 2014

A Lucky Soul

The countdown to 2015 has kicked in...
This is the time of year that is normally (for me) spent coming up with ideas and plans for things in the new year. This year the ideas and planning started to take shape months ago.... so much is ready to go at the beginning.

Of course if you've been following me at all you'll know that my latest book is due to hit the streets right around mid-January. I've teased you with pictures of quilt projects and introductions to some of the great longarm quilters that helped me with some of the projects.

This book is really a culmination of #FastPieceApplique, and I'm doing some things to kick start things I have never done before.

To help get things rolling I've scheduled my Shaping Up with Fast-Piece Applique on-line workshop to start on January 2nd. This workshop is great on the basics and let's everyone in on the possibilities this method offers.

Then to keep the fun going -- I have a blog tour set to begin next Monday. Starting on January 5th with Victoria Findlay-Wolfe there will be great blog stops for you to visit. At each stop you'll have a chance to win an e-copy of Fast-Piece Applique-Easy, Artful quilts by Machine,

BUT...You'll also be able to pick up a free pattern for one of my #loveletterhearts

Visit all the stops, and me on the last day (January 16th) and you can download all 12 patterns being offered!

On Friday, January 30th will be the lead in reception/book-signing and trunk show presentation to kick off my Book Launch Weekend being held here in Paducah at Ephemera!

February is another story all together, but I hope you'll be able to find you want to be part of all or some of the fun we've got planned for this birth of a book kick-off.

Phew, and there's still a few days left until we officially RING in 2015.
I can hardly wait!!!

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