Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Peek & A Visit with Angela Walters

With just a few days left before Christmas I wanted to share one more quilt from my newest book & the wonderful longarm quilter who made it come to life.

While bringing this book together I worked with several longarm quilters and I truly discovered first hand the various styles of quilting that these artists provide. I walked away knowing three types. There was the overall patterning, pictorial and shape by shape quilters. Angela Walters is a wonderful shape by shape quilter and I loved the quilting she did on my Fan Fare quilt.
This simple design, inspired by a box-fan during a summertime 5 minute warmup drawing session turned out amazing with Angela's designs. Since Fast-Piece Applique is really a shape-by-shape construction technique her quilting really speaks to me. 

Below Angela answered the same questions posed to the other longarm quilters I have shared with you here. It is really informative and inspiring to chat with these artists.

How did you find quilting? Or, did it find you?
I kinda stumbled into it!! I started quilting over 10 years ago when my husband’s grandpa taught me how to make my first quilt. He was my quilting buddy and he was really patient with me. We hand quilted my first few quilts, but after a couple of years, he encouraged me to buy a longarm. Although I didn't know what I was doing, I quickly realized how much I loved it!

Where you always drawn to the quilting stitch? Or, was there another part of the process that pulled you in?

I really like the freedom and movement of quilting, so I think that is why I am drawn to it. I love all parts of the process of machine quilting, but the quilting is definitely my favorite part!

What is your favorite thing about where you are today on your quilting adventure?

I love getting to meet so many different people. Whether it's students in my classes, readers on my blog or my customers. I really love the interaction and the kindness of quilters in general.

Has this changed from when you first set off?

Kind of, when I started my favorite part was finishing the quilt and I still love it. But now that I know so many other quilters, it's such a fun part to me.

Do you see yourself at a fork in the road? If you do, can you share about what direction you may be thinking about going?

I feel that it's not so much of a regular fork, but a pitch fork. There are so many different options, all great, and it can be hard to know what to do. At this point, I am just enjoying the ride. But everything that I do, or decide to do, always comes down to my love of machine quilting!!

Be sure to check out Angela's website and her new book...
below is Fan-Fare from my new book (quilted by Angela).
The new book will be released in January, but you can still add it to your Christmas list. Pre-orders receive a signed copy and a free e-pattern when the book comes out.

the countdowns continue
stitching on,

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