Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rain Leaves & Seed Pod Peek

It is raining leaves here today.
The wind blows-
The chimes clang-
And all the leaves of the grand oaks,

that clung so tightly
finally decided it is time
to let go.
It is raining leaves.

As the leaves fall it seems the time
to share another sneak peek.

The quilt I am sharing today was inspired by seed pods picked up on another fall day. Though that day was not as blustering as it is today.
I love watching for and collecting seed pods in the fall. They are all so different than their springtime cousins. Deep brown colors, dried yet having fuzzy seeds just waiting to be set free to fly on a breeze.

My SeedPod Polka quilt is a simplified celebration of the promise these funny looking natural seed pods bring.
The quilting on this one was done by ME!
It was fun coming up with a background fill that carried that feeling of seedpods. 
Can you see it? What do you think?
Wishing you a fine day-
no matter the weather!

I'm stitching away on some very special quilts-
one's that will be making their appearance soon as it gets closer
to the launch date for the book.


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