Sunday, January 4, 2015

Read it Here First: Fast-Piece Applique Book Blog Tour Begins Tomorrow!

Finally, it’s time for the fun to begin!
All of you who’ve been watching all the sneak peek previews of the quilts, interviews with almost all of the long-arm quilters from my newest book now have a chance to meet some of my friends and WIN a copy for yourself.

There’s also a whole bunch of you that helped me pick words, fabrics and embellishments for my #loveletterhearts that I stitched together into pillows & quilts using Fast-Piece Applique. It’s now time for you to grab a pattern or two or the whole set of 12 for yourself.

Read on-learn how you can to get it them all!

Happenings at Each Stop…
At tour stops along the way your guide for the day will share stories with you. Some of these guides worked on quilts for the book, some will share stores about me and them –(I’m hoping that some of these guides show discretion, for they know some of my wild secrets.) Hmmm…It’ll be fun for you’ll get to know them & me a little better. Best of all when you comment on their postings you are entered to win an e-BOOK. 1-book for each stop along the way! Visit them all for multiple chances to win.

BUT, there’s more!!!!

At each stop along the way there’ll be a FREE pattern for one of the #loveletterhearts. Visit all the blog tour stops, then come back to me on Friday 1/16 for the final 3 ---

You’ll have a full dozen patterns for making up your own hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s the list of stops – their posting day and #loveletterhearts WORD

Jan 5th-  KISS-- VictoriaFindlay Wolfe
Jan 8th - SWAK-- TeriLucas-Generation Q Magazine

Jan 9th - LEAP-- MandyLeins

Jan 12th- LUST-- Megan Dougherty
Jan 13th - HUGS-- Jenny Wilding Cardon
Jan 14th - FIRE-- Sam Hunter
Jan 15th - SING -- Rachel Biel-TAFA
Jan 16th – ROCK, WILD, XOXO -- Rose Hughes

Ready, Set, GOOOOO

Have FUN!!!!!



  1. I am going to have alot of fun visiting all the stops to win your new book and learn more about you and the blog stops stars.......

  2. Oh I am so glad you are doing this....And I will enjoy all the stops along the way. Looking forward to it.

    1. thanks for commenting Sharon - it has been fun & work setting this all up. I'm glad you're going to join it! I do love it when a plan comes together.

  3. My post dissappeared so will try again...i think this is a lot of ufn. it was great meeting your last thurs night Rose at the meeting. Your quilts are stunning rich in color and technique. I definitely need to learn more from you soon.

    1. thanks for commenting Kathryn, and I can't imagine how your post disappeared.....The Thursday meet-up in Lake Havasu City was lots of fun and I do hope we get to see each other again soon!

  4. I loved going through the tour. I hope I'm lucky to get a copy of your book to teach me more. Thanks for putting it all together. It was fun!

    1. So glad you have had fun with the tour, it has been a fun journey working out the stops, talking with all the quilt-bloggers and following along myself to read all the stories. Thanks for joining in!