Monday, December 22, 2014

Quick X-mas Tree Tutorial

With just a few days left before Christmas I thought I would share this quick to make Fast-Piece Applique Xmas Tree Landscape.
It is 11"x14", easy to stitch together and to make them go together even faster I had shopped for some ornaments that they have at the stores for miniature trees. These I glued into place. So in an afternoon I was able to finish 3 very easily.

These are my three:

I am including here a pattern for the little quilt and a piece sequence that you can follow to piece it together using Fast-Piece Applique. If you have never tried this technique I would suggest you watch my YouTube video, for it give you a full description of the process. Then come back here:

Copy & enlarge the pattern below for 11x14.

Following the stitch guide here, piece it together;
remembering to trim as you go,
Stitch pieces 3 to 7; 5 to 6; 8 to 9 and 10 to 11.
The stitch 3/7 to 1; 5/6 to 2.
Then stitch 3/7/1 to 4, and 5/6/2 to 8/9.
Stitch these sections to each other, and
Lastly, stitch 10/11 into place.

With the top done I used basting spray and made a quilt sandwich.
I then couched all the lines with yarn and metallic thread.

Then I placed the embellishments in place and using a chopstick I glued them into place.
This small pattern is a great way to try out Fast-Piece Applique.
I hope you enjoy it & have a wonderful holiday season!

Happy Stitching


  1. Rose - those are SEW BEAUTIFUL - thank you very much for sharing too.

  2. It was fun to share this little project. Hope everyone that has checked it out gave it a whirl. Thanks for commenting!