Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breathing in & out

Well, the crate arrived safely and all has been checked in -- the next book is officially underway!

At my place, as soon as the crate was lifted onto the scales at FedX, measured and paid for the breathing in & out re-commenced.

Happily since that day I have been working on all sorts of things --
New things -- setting up workshops big & small & ONLINE!
and of course cleaning the studio...
but, the best thing has been taking some time to continue working on my Caribbean Boardwalk.

If you check in every once in a while or follow me, you may remember over the summer I gave a whole list of summertime words to inspire many a 5-minute sketch session.

Back in July I shared my boardwalk drawings and you got to see a bit of the quilt top I stitched together -- then tucked away until now.

We all tuck projects away -- sometimes for a week, a month, and all to often they may get so buried they may not see the light of day for years.

Do you have a project on the back burner?

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