Sunday, February 2, 2014

The World Grows Smaller

You know all those piles of scraps and baskets of yarns and threads that I have been posting all over the place.

Well, the uptick for all those its and bits is they have all turned into wonderful quilts created especially for my newest book. Book writing is a long process. There is the writing, the creating new and exciting quilts and getting it all to your publisher by an agreed upon (contracted) date. Then the publisher performs their magic and a book comes out to YOU! This seemingly magic takes a bit of time, and this latest will come out in Jan/15. Hopefully, you will enjoy the wait with me.

In this latest book I fell in love with the idea of utilizing some of the amazing long arm quilters from all around the country. Today with my own deadline to the publisher just a couple of weeks away.... I am totally excited to have received the last of the quilting projects this morning. (yes, on Sunday.... hard to believe!)

Here's just a quick look back at those fabric scraps along with a hint at each of the quilters:

this one went to Missouri
these went to Pennsylvania

California got pulled into the mix!
these headed off to New York!
and Utah!

Anyone want to venture a guess?
More hints....actually a sharing of these great, wonderful quilters is coming soon.
I think I might even be able to get away with a peek at the stitches themselves..hmm

For now though I am pulling in all the binding help I can find here in Paducah and working towards that deadline.

Happy, Happy Sunday!!!

BIG Giant Hugs of gratitude being sent out to you all!


  1. I am curious to see who all these wonderful quilters are. I have a guess about Tennessee, but I could be wrong.

    1. keeping your guesses to yourself have a 50/50 chance on any guess you make. I look forward to when I can share these wonders Sandi!

  2. I would SO be helping if I was close enough to do it! Good luck darling!

    1. I could use your help Sam, but am soooo happy to see you settling in to your new home & community...Go Girl!